Muneet Dhiman

Muneet Dhiman is the founder and leader at Vidyakshetra. He heads the pedagogy and training in the Vidyalaya along with class teachership of high school children. He also heads the research for History and High School curriculum in Math and Science subjects. He holds an Engineering degree in computer science and has worked in the IT industry for 15 years. He says, 'Being with children is teaching him how to be a learner for life."


Preethi Dhiman

Preethi Dhiman is the co-founder of Vidyakshetra. She holds class teachership in middle school. She supports the pedagogy and training functions. She is the head of Languages & is the Handwork teacher too at Vidyakshetra. She holds a post graduate degree in Management and has worked for a decade in the management functions of IT industry. Children teach you to be fully in the present and it’s a good present, when a teacher is fully present for them, according to her. 


Biswaksen Patra

Biswaksen Patra is the co-founder of Vidyakshetra. He is in the research team for High School curriculum in Math and Science subjects and is passionate about teaching Math. He is also in charge of finances and fund raising. He has done his B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation and has worked in the IT industry for 18 years. He believes that education should enable children to discover their natural tendencies and interests and realize their full potential thus equipping the child to lead a fulfilling life.


Bharath Vankipuram Sridharan

Bharath Vankipuram Sridharan is in the management of Vidyakshetra. He teaches spoken Samskrit language at the vidyalaya since its inception, in 2016. At present, he is also a class teacher for young children. He holds an Engineering degree in Electronics & Communication. He worked as a finance professional for more than a decade in the IT industry. Since 2014, he is an active volunteer at Samskrita Bharati and has been conducting 10 days spoken Samskrit shibiram across Bangalore. He likes Bhaaratiya bhaasha focus, a vidyaalaya amidst nature & greeting everyone with a ‘Namaste’ here.


C R Suresh Rao

C R Suresh Rao is a class teacher for young children at Vidyakshetra and manages all the festivals too. A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, he has mostly engineered software applications for financial industry for nearly 20 years. At Vidyakshetra, one of his prime realization is educating a child isn’t one person’s job. It takes an entire team & the right environment too. He finds the process of teaching a very heartening and satisfying one.


Janaki S.

Janaki S specializes in working with special learning needs of children. She has done her B.Sc (CBZ)  and got trained in Yoga and training children for 100% memory techniques under Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji. She headed the Vasishta Rishi Gurukul at Devaraysamudra in Kolar for 9 years. She has been exploring special education field for the past 7 years, as loving to learn and learning to love is her personal life motto. She believes each person learns differently, and should be given the time and space to blossom along his or her own unique learning journey.


Swati Balaji

Swati Balaji is a kannada teacher at Vidyakshetra. She has done her B.Sc in computer science and is also a certified yoga instructor from S-Vyasa, Bangalore. She has been a yoga instructor for sometime before coming onboard Vidyakshetra. She feels blessed to be a parent as well as a teacher here and says being associated so closely with the vidyalaya has helped her enhance her own personality.


V S Balaji

V.S. Balaji is the administrative incharge at Vidyakshetra apart from being a parent of two of our students. Apart from vidyalaya administration, Balaji also takes care of coordinating for recruitment and child admission. Balaji holds a Diploma in Textile Technology and has worked in Textile and Apparel industry for 24 years in the past. His simple yet sincere attitude wins everyone’s hearts.


Vasudeva Suta Prabhu

Vasudeva Suta Prabhu teaches construction and house building. He did his graduation in Industrial and Production engineering but soon after, joined an eco- village project called Gokuldham in Sahyadri hills near Belagavi, Karnataka. As a part of that project, he lived for 10 years in thick forest amidst wild animals without any modern facilities such as gas, electricity, motor driven cars etc. In that duration, he did extensive research on traditional architecture and building materials. In 2016, he started Vrindaranyam, a Gurukula for rural children, with a focus on reviving and retaining tradition.


Sandhya Udayshankara Shastry

Sandhya Udayshankara Shastry is the class teacher for the youngest class. She has an Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics and a Masters degree in Power Electronics. She has been in the field of education as a math tutor, a lecturer, kannada teacher etc, for a long time before joining Vidyakshetra. She likes the practical and nature driven learning methodology at Vidyakshetra.


Harish A.R.

Harish A.R. is the samskrita teacher at Vidyakshetra. He has studied for 14 years in Poornaprajna Vidyapeeth, a Sanskrit gurukula. He has studied Dvaita Siddhanta and holds deep interest in Alankara Sastra and Kannada Sahitya. He believes that it’s the prime responsibility of the society to create a suitable environment to nurture the right samskaras in an impressionable child. Realizing this fact helps him bear the right attitude and responsibility of a teacher, he says.


Veena Chikkanahalli Seshadri

 Veena Chikkanahalli Seshadri teaches Bharatanatyam to our children. She was initiated to music, dance and drama from the age of seven by her parents. She received professional training in Bharatanatyam from the world renowned Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts, Chennai and was further guided by Guru. Minal Prabhu ‌and ‌Guru. Jayalakshmi Eshwar. Veena has given many performances at International and National events and  festivals. She is an '​A' ​Graded artist from Doordarshan, an Empanelled artist of ICCR ​and high first class in ​MFA ​Bharatanatyam. For the past 15 years, she runs her own dance institute, Kala Sampada and year on year, she has many awards and accomplishments to her credit


Raghunandana Bhat

Raghunandana Bhat is our Hindustani Vocal Sangeeth teacher. The world of music opened up for him after a short but awakening stint at a pharma company after his MSc Microbiology. He chose to get trained under the tutelage of Pt. Sripad Hegde in the Kirana-Gwalior gharana style of music for over 15 years. An A graded artist in All India Radio, he has received many prestigious awards and accolades. He says that he always had a great experience teaching children but in Vidyakshetra it opened new doors. “I have all the freedom to think out of the box and truly teach students to be creative. I am happy to say that the children experience music not in the books but within themselves and in nature.”


Shouri Shanbhog

Shouri Shanbhog is the tabla teacher in Vidyakshetra. He started learning the art of Tabla at a very young age under the tutelage of Vidwan Bhaskar Hegde and continued his learning under the tutelage of Pandit Madivalayya Sali, and now he has been learning under the guidance of his Guru Pandit Udayraj Karpoor. A post graduate in music from Karnatak University Dharwad, he has been an awardee of a Gold medal with rank in his Bachelor degree in Music. He has received the prestigious "Ministry of culture's" scholarship given for young artists. Shouri has performed in many reputed platforms throughout the country as a solo player and also as an accompanying artist with many noted artists.


Niranjan Hegde

Niranjan Hegde teaches flute (Bansuri) to our children. He is learning Bansuri under Pt Nagaraj Hegde Shirnala in a Guru Shishya parampara from 14 years. He has completed his diploma engineering in Electronics and communications. He opines Vidyakshetra is doing essential work in building a healthy society for the next generation and feels privileged to be part of it. “I feel due to Vidyakshetra’s environment, learning and grasping power of students here is more compared to other formal school children.” He also feels happy that Vidyakshetra is giving Indian tradition & culture to children in a unique way.


Payal Goenka

Payal Goenka teaches handwork to children at Vidyakshetra. She has done her MA in Fashion Designing and runs a boutique at home from the past 4 years. She has expertise in stitching & is also well versed with knitting and crocheting. She says ‘Vidyakshetra has taught me how to be with children and how to learn from them.’


Mohith KP

Mohith KP is our kreeda and krishi teacher at Vidykshetra. He is a commerce graduate with training in kreeda from RSS. He believes deeply in serving the society & our nation and is also a swayamsevak. He also conducts RSS shaka regularly. He worked as an administrator in a private company for 7 years before joining as a full time teacher at Vidyakshetra. He feels Vidyakshetra to be like Vrundhavan where he finds teachers encouraging him constantly, parents treating him like their own and where he can learn a lot from children.