Everything is Connected

Indian culture is based on the ethos of sustainability through a deep realization that everything is connected. This realization allowed us to moderate our requirements, and take only as much as is necessary from nature.

Sustainability is about harmony

While VidyaKshetra’s key focus is education, building a sustainable society will go a long way in realizing our dreams. For it is important that we live and grow in an environment which is harmonious with the principles we want to imbibe. Sustainability is that journey for us, which allows us to move closer to nature in all our practices. Thereby, it helps us slow down the process of borrowing from our children’s future and leave behind a worthwhile legacy for them.

Sustainability is about a way of life

Organic food goes a long way in strengthening the organic character of children (by nurturing the annamaya kosha) and our practices such as need based living, minimal damage to nature, conserving natural resources, respecting nature shall become a way of living for the future generations. When we consume organic food and practice an organic lifestyle, it is just the beginning. We believe, the seeds sown today will be harvested in the future!

Sustainability is about building lasting relationships

In our journey to secure pure, organically grown food for VidyaKshetra, we met our farmer friends (around Bangalore and Bagalkot), who are braving the odds and trying to grow food naturally, without chemicals. Relationships were built and trust developed. We soon started sharing the produce with our friends and well-wishers too through our co-operative. We believe that when the process of exchange is personal, direct and not intended to make indiscriminate profit, it builds a meaningful and trustworthy relationship.

Sustainability is about value, not cost

When we share the produce with our friends and well-wishers, we do not attach any cost to it. Our friends contribute the best value for the produce, according to their capacity. Profit from the co-operative is utilized in multiple ways- to maintain a contingency fund for farmers (during drought, losses); inspire other farmers to move to natural and organic practices; fund VidyaKshetra education project; towards studying & researching traditional food processing methods using cows, ox and bulls.