Vrutti Selection

Vrutti, or the career path that an individual chooses becomes an important part of one's life. It should not be guided by chance, freak examination results, peer pressure or based on what is trending.

The choice of career path should depend on the inherent desire and skills of the child, or his unique 'ikigai' or life purpose. Then the child will be able to grow into an adult happy with one's daily routine, contributing to the society and capable of earning enough sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

The discovery of synergy between what the child's passion, unique skills and temperament require close observation of teachers and parents, over successive years.


For later years (14+ years) learning is designed to be more project driven, direct apprenticeship with experts and guidance from teachers and mentors. 


Real world experience gives the child an opportunity to nurture his/her

'viveka'. (power of discrimination) and test one's own ability in different situations.

Some examples of such projects are

1. An integrated project in physics, mechanics and math to redesign the handloom of a weaver for improving efficiency.


2. To make mechanical models for processing cotton, winding yarn, etc.


3. Building mechanical tools to assist farmers in improving their agricultural practices.

4. Civil engineering projects to build environment friendly & sustainable structures.

5. Setting up a farm to kitchen organic grocery enterprise.

6. Writing about sustainable economics drawing lessons from Indian and global history.