Near to Far Approach

A tree that has developed deep roots can withstand strong winds, is not just self-reliant but also provides for others in form of nectarine fruits, a house to many-a-birds, shade to a weary traveler and much more! On the contrary tree that had opportunity to only develop few shallow roots might struggle for its existence and might live in fear of one gusty storm! 

We want all our children to develop strong roots! We aim to achieve it in 4 stages:

By helping children develop closeness to the land

Exposing them to primary professions such as agriculture, weaving, pottery, house building etc. This goes a long way in developing self-reliance and self-confidence in children.

By enriching the curriculum with local culture

In Karnataka, children will learn and appreciate the culture and language of the land. We also plan to give rich exposure of vocal, instrumental and dance forms of Karnataka too to our children.

By exposing them to the rich Indian heritage

Indian history, its heroes, its culture - 'Samskrit' and 'Samskriti' helps strengthen the 'sense of belongingness' and instills deep sense of pride for the motherland in children

By enabling to see themselves in the context of the world

At an age appropriate time expose them to world knowledge, foreign cultures and languages.