Frequently asked questions

Do classes run during the holidays?

Our timetabled classes don't run during school holidays. That being Easter, Summer, October & Christmas. All other weeks classes run as normal unless specified otherwise. During Holidays we normally run Holiday Performance Camps

How will my child develop?

Each student will progress at a different speed and some make better advances in one style more than another. It depends one each child as individuals as well as how many classes they take & if they practice exercises/class work away from the studio.

How many shows do you do every year?

AGTS do one show per year (normally a night run). We organise our term as follows - Term 1 - Teaching Term Term 2 - Teaching/ Workshop Term Term 3 - Show Term

Does my child need to bring anything to class?

For their taster session children are required to wear comfortable clothing they can move in. We also ask they bring a refillable water bottle For enrolled children after 3 weeks we require they attend class in uniform, with appropriate hair, bring a refillable water bottle and any work given by teachers fro given lesson.

How do we pay for lessons?

Classes can be be paid via your Class4Kids account. Alternatively we prefer bank transfer, however can accept cash if arranged in advance

What if my child doesn't want to attend anymore?

Sometimes a child might have a week that doesn't float their boat and can decide to leave AGTS. However we require 4 weeks written/paid notice of their leaving. This can be done via email/text/writing. Your child can still attend lessons during this paid notice period where they plans to leave will not be mentioned however gives them the option to decide if they really wish to leave.

What if we miss a class?

In each term every student is given 1 sick week, if they are genuinely too ill to attend lessons fees are wavered that week. All other weeks must be paid unless specified differently by AGTS. Any missed classes due to be paid must be cleared before your child's return to classes. Re self isolation please see our COVID-19 Section

When does my child move up?

Our class ages are merely a guide. Children will progress up a class/level/grade once exams have been passed or faculty feel the child is physically, mentally, socially ready to progress. If a child is advised to move up a class but doesn't feel ready we of course will allow them to remain in their current class

What will my child be doing each week?

It depends on the age group (see classes) generally dance classes are broken down into a number of sections. Warm ups, technical exercises & routines/scenes/song. If it is a show term, the focus is mostly on the show dance only