The curriculum is so designed to address the child’s thinking, feeling and willing realms as well as strengthen his annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya and vijnanamaya koshas. Thus, we have a fine blend of learning drawn from the past as well as from contemporary subjects, to help a child blossom into a fully rounded personality.

Vedic and contemporary mathematics

Using Leelavati, Beeja Ganit of Bhaskaracharya; Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.


Physics (optics, acoustics, mechanics, magnetism, electricity, metallurgy), Astronomy, Mineralogy, Metallurgy, Botany, Chemistry, and Anatomy.


Geography(local, national and global) and History (Ancient India- kings and kingdoms and history of ancient civilizations such as Mohanjadero, Harappa, Roman and Greek civilizations).


Sanskrit, Kannada, Hindi and English


Artha, Nyaya, Neeti and Tarka Shastra.

Sports and fitness

Yoga, swimming, wrestling, gymnastics, malakhamba

Performing arts

Theater; Classical dance - Bharatanatyam; Martial Arts - Kallaripayattu; Classical vocal music; Classical instrumental music such as flute (Wind), sitar, veena and violin (string), mridanga and tabla (beat).

Visual arts

Painting, drawing, sculpturing etc.

Skill building

Agriculture, woodwork, pottery, weaving and stitching.